Custom powder coating Michigan

What is powder coating?
Powder Coating is a metal finishing system that is sprayed in a dry powder form, and then baked to produce a durable, chemical, and scratch resistant finish. Powder Coating is not indistructable; however, it is much tougher than paint.

Does powder coating fill rust pits or surface imperfections?
No, Powder coating does not cover imperfections. A metal filler can be applied and yes we can do that. Wrinkle finish or other textured powder coating may also be a solution.

Does Custom Powder Coating Michigan match colors?
We do not guarantee the match of our colors to existing paint; however, we do have a large color library. We also recommend that if you plan to have paint and powder coat match, have the paint mixed to match our powder coat. Also we would be happy to send you a color sample for the cost of shipping.

Will you powder coat automotive body pannels?
No, we do not powder coat body pannels and we are not a body shop.

Does Custom Powder Coating Michigan accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept credit cards and PayPal

Does Custom Powder Coating Michigan have a minimum order?
We do not have a minimum quantity; however, we do have a minimum cost of $30 per order.

Does Custom Powder Coating Michigan give out information to others?
No, we use your information for quoting purposes only. No one outside of our office will recieve your personnal information.


Custom powder coating
Color samples over chrome:
Candy Orange, Translucent Blue,
Translucent Green, Annodize Red, Translucent Grape, and Translucent Gold

Custom powder coating
Custom powdered motorcycle tank:
Black with Silver Vein

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